What if the auditor is scared?

With so many of my course takers working in the financial industry, I decided to dive a bit deeper into the secure cloud adoption process. I want to figure out what the drivers of that process are, and where organizations run into obstacles in that process. In the end, I want to produce an e-booklet […]

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The Bionic Cloud Website

Make your website bionic: better, stronger, faster Now thanks to cloud computing, you don’t have to spend 6 million dollars to make your web application better, stronger, faster than it was. In fact you can do all that and make it cheaper too! In my new e-book/course/programme/teleseminar I will expose techniques and tools for modern […]

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Are you a risk to your customers?

In the past weeks I have been talking to a number of small software providers. Most software these days is no longer shipped (CD-ROMs are really oldskool, aren’t they?), but is delivered as a service over the internet. These software providers are starting to realize that this means they are a SaaS provider. This also […]

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VMware lends credibility to Cloud Essentials training

Even though VMware has a big educational program itself, it has aligned with the Cloud Credential Council on a number of vendor neutral cloud courses. The independent certification of skills sets is cited as a distinct advantage. Certified cloud courses currently include Cloud Essentials and Virtualization Essentials, which are also marketed together as Cloud Technology […]

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If only your own data warehouse was this secure

Dr. Werner Vogels, CTO of Amazon (not just Amazon Web Services), unveils some interesting information on RedShift, Amazon’s service for data-warehouses on demand. Its petabyte performance envelop and on-demand pricing are awesome enough, but here I would like to point out some of the security features of the service. These ranges from physical controls to […]

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6 signs of cloudwashing

I only refer to other blogs occasionally, in particular if they have a commercial goal. But this one is interesting enough: an infographic showing you 6 signs of cloudwashing. See (at the end there is a request for sign-up, none is required). More and more companies are blatantly recycling old IT solutions as cloud solutions. While such evolution may […]

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