Learning to Secure Cloud Adoption, is this about you?

If you are interested in improving the skills you have for leading your company’s secure cloud adoption, read on. And maybe you are also interested in leading your team in this role. In any case, I need your feedback. Is this you? About you Many people that come to my cloud training are involved in […]

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A Small Tutorial Example of Cloud Native Development

Cloud-native software development enables new practices. But it also requires them. It is a new level of working. However, putting all these new practices together requires integrating a lot of pieces. To illustrate this new approach, I have started to develop a minimal application. Although minimal, I run it in production. Its basic function is […]

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Turning the IT-value chain upside down

Cloud computing will turn the IT-value chain upside down. That will lead to dramatic changes in the way hardware and software is being marketed and managed. These changes will be most profound for IT departments and value added resellers (VARs), but computer manufacturers will feel the heat too. To illustrate this point we can take […]

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