Privacy Policy

This privacy policy describes how our company complies with relevant data protection regulation, including the GDPR. In the interest of brevity, we will not repeat any GDPR legislation text or explanations. We protect your data according to all relevant regulations to the best of our capabilities.

This policy was last updated Aug 31, 2020.

Who are we?

Digital Infrastructures BV’s registered office is at Obrechtstraat 28, 3572EE Utrecht, Netherlands. The company is registered in the Netherlands under number 30145919, and trades as Digital Infrastructures, Club Cloud Computing, and Griddlejuiz.

The appointed contact for privacy and IT security matters is Peter van Eijk, Director, and can be contacted at +31 622684939 and [email protected].

We operate multiple websites, including, and

What data do we collect?

Our business is developing and delivering cloud and other IT management training.

From customers, prospects, suppliers and people who write or email us, we collect contact information, purchase history and other transactional information, communication records such as email and interactions with my website. We also collect learning progress records.

None of this concerns people under the age of 16, or medical information.

What do we do with your data?

We use your data to deliver on the purchases that you have made with us, or purchases that were made on your behalf.

We use your data to send you valuable tips including information about relevant products, but only if you have given us consent for that.

We use your data to reduce fraud and other abuse of our systems.

We keep your data for as long as legally required, or until you stop interacting with us, whichever is longer. We will not sell your data to other parties. We will not hand over your data to other parties other than what is legally required or required for the delivery of our products and services.

The following table lists the personal data that we control, with their locations and processors or the 3rd parties that we share information with. The location column contains a link to the respective privacy policy. We deem all non EEA (European Economic Area) parties to provide adequate protection.

Processor or 3rd party Purpose Data Location, Link to policy Marketing: Website hosting User accounts, cookie content. EEA
Google Analytics Web analytics Web access metadata US
Google G Suite Email and file hosting, forms Personal data US
Laptop Document processing, communications Personal data EEA
Phone Communications Personal data EEA Service delivery, marketing Personal data EEA Delivery of E-learning Contact details, course progress US Delivery of E-learning Contact details, course progress US Service delivery: Payments Payment and contact info US Service delivery: Payments Payment and contact info EEA Service delivery: Payments Payment and contact info EEA
My bank Service delivery: Payments Payment and contact info EEA
Cloud Security Alliance, US. Exam token provisioning Contact information US
Personal assistant Administrative support Personal data EEA Administrative support Personal data EEA Website backup User accounts, cookie content US Backups of data Personal data US Service delivery: lab hosting Accounts of learners EEA Service delivery: team communications Accounts of learners US Travel planning Contact details EEA Voice and chat communications Personal address details US Backups of data Personal data US
Google reCAPTCHA Troll control Browser details US
Zapier Marketing and delivery automation Personal data US

How is your data protected?

Your data is stored on secured systems under our direct control, or on systems and services that have been verified as having adequate protection.  Specific controls include:

  • encryption of storage on laptops
  • encrypted remote backup
  • two factor authentication on important accounts
  • complex passwords, facilitated by a password manager
  • regular review of access rights and activity by processors and third parties

Cookie Policy

When visiting one of our websites, these will ask your browser to send us a cookie with every page. We use this to improve the site user experience and analyse the traffic on our sites. We use Google Analytics to generate and view statistics on our websites. According to the Google privacy policy at this does not identify individual user behaviour.

Your requests and questions

The following questions can all be directed to the appointed contact for privacy and IT security matters.

  • the way we handle your data
  • suspected data losses or breaches
  • Subject Access Requests, i.e. what data we keep on you
  • data deletion requests

All questions will be addressed to the best of our ability and in accordance with applicable law.

When you are not satisfied with our answer you can contact the Dutch Data Protection Authority (Autoriteit Persoonsgegevens) via:, or the DPA in your own country. Refer to or

Unrelated note

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