Deployment diagrams for the cloud-native age

Deployment is everything that happens between writing software and actually using that software by its intended users. And as we get more software and more users, deployment becomes more complex. Why deployment diagrams? Deployment diagrams are a great technique for communicating about important decisions in deploying software. Decisions such as who is going to do […]

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Learning to Secure Cloud Adoption, is this about you?

If you are interested in improving the skills you have for leading your company’s secure cloud adoption, read on. And maybe you are also interested in leading your team in this role. In any case, I need your feedback. Is this you? About you Many people that come to my cloud training are involved in […]

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A Small Tutorial Example of Cloud Native Development

Cloud-native software development enables new practices. But it also requires them. It is a new level of working. However, putting all these new practices together requires integrating a lot of pieces. To illustrate this new approach, I have started to develop a minimal application. Although minimal, I run it in production. Its basic function is […]

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