Posts that introduce cloud computing

Agile development requires modern digital infrastructures

Agile development is all the fashion nowadays. Why is that and what kind of digital infrastructures does that require? Back in the old days, business software was primarily written to automate existing business processes. Those processes might change somewhat as a result, but in the core processes were no different. Think accounting systems, scheduling, “customer […]

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Banks love to take risks, or not?

The common opinion seems to be that banks are largely occupied by avoiding risks. That may be true to some extent. In reality banks (as well as insurance companies) are actually in the business of taking risks. And scary risks as well, for that matter. Think about it. You hand over a sum of money to a person that […]

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Assuring your customer of your service quality

Do you deliver your software product as a service? Or do you offer another IT service online? Then you probably have found that your customers really need assurance that your service is good enough for their purposes. It has to be usable of course, but it also has to fit in their risk appetite and […]

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How the internet is changing our thinking

The internet changes the way we think, Nicholas Carr writes in “The Shallows”. Simple examples can be found in what we decide to lookup instead of memorize, such as phone numbers. At the same time it still makes sense to study and memorize traffic signs and history. But old truths don’t all hold anymore. The […]

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IT leadership in the 21st century

The question I am working on is this. How can IT leaders drive the right level of cloud adoption? We know cloud computing can bring risks and benefits. But how can organizations swiftly and securely do the right level of adoption? No place for bean counters When I talk about IT leaders I don’t mean […]

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