How the internet is changing our thinking

The internet changes the way we think, Nicholas Carr writes in “The Shallows”.

Simple examples can be found in what we decide to lookup instead of memorize, such as phone numbers. At the same time it still makes sense to study and memorize traffic signs and history.

But old truths don’t all hold anymore.

The internet changes our decisions on what to share to whom and what to keep secret. A lot of people are comfortable about sharing most of their feelings to the world, but it may be wise to be a bit more restrictive on sharing teenage party pictures, when you leave your house for a holiday, or your mother’s maiden name.

Not all old truths still hold.

Cloud computing changes the way we run professional IT. It changes our decisions on what we do ourselves and what we let others do for us.

Who owns the servers, who keeps the software safe? We can’t afford to run all of our interesting IT ourselves, but we don’t want to hand over everything. There are still things that we can do better than anybody else. So: less server hugging, and more useful applications that help our organizations stand out.

Old truths may need updating.

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