What if the auditor is scared?

With so many of my course takers working in the financial industry, I decided to dive a bit deeper into the secure cloud adoption process.

I want to figure out what the drivers of that process are, and where organizations run into obstacles in that process.

In the end, I want to produce an e-booklet or report or something. Right right now I am just documenting what I discover in the process.

I have already outlined the report. It includes chapters on topics such as:

  • What drives cloud adoption, and what are common cloud based applications?
  • Case studies in the financial industry.
  • Complications in the process.
  • Impact of the complications.
  • How companies are or can be addressing the complications.

After sketching the outline of the ebook, I reached out to former course attendants.

Scared auditors

One of them was an IT auditor at an insurance company. He gave me an explanation of the board level support that cloud adoption has, and an example of an external application that helps speed up car insurance claims processing.

As an important obstacle, he mentioned auditors (internal in this case) who are afraid of the cloud. And to add substance to that, he said “I am an auditor myself, and it is scary to see how much power I have…”

So maybe, we should figure out a way to help focus the auditors on the right risks. If not, they are going to stop all things cloud.

This matches with what another guy I talked to (who had been involved in an Office 365 adoption project) told me: “a big hurdle is to understand the real problems, instead of the imagined ones.”

These insights all go into the e-book I am writing. It is on the drivers and barriers to cloud adoption in the financial industry. Go to this page to learn more about it and about some of the other posts on this topic.