CCSK training in Kuala Lumpur – trip report

Last week I delivered a two-day CCSK (certificate of cloud security knowledge) in Kuala Lumpur. The typical structure of this training, as suggested by the Cloud Security Alliance, calls for a day of lecture followed by a day of practical exercises.  However, I mixed lecture with case study and exercise, because I have experienced that this works much better. If the examples have been worked through by the individuals, it becomes easy to refer back to them in the lectures.

It was good to be back in KL (the last time I taught Cloud Essentials and Virtualization Essentials).  I really like the Asian atmosphere, the multicultural vibe of Malaysians, Chinese, Indian and even some European people. All of these were represented in my course too. It was great working with them, even though we sometimes have to get used to our accents.

Cloud security as a topic is pretty new, but interest is already growing rapidly. I am happy with my KL partners and hope to be back in November for more cloud courses. To have a look at my courses and the course calendar visit my list of cloud courses.

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