Cloud Computing in Kuala Lumpur

Yep, I have been travelling like crazy recently. See my tweets at

The newest destination was Kuala Lumpur, and it looks like I will be getting back real soon, as I have found some great partners in India and Malaysia. We are easily filling training sessions for cloud as well as virtualization (like private cloud).

Malaysia is a pretty multicultural country, and proud of it. Though there is a sizable and noticeable Muslim population, there is considerable tolerance for other religions. Training in such a country is therefore interesting.

Malaysia still thinks it is a developing country, and wants to become a fully industrialized nation. My feeling is they already are. The Petronas towers were once the highest buildings in the world, and the so-called multimedia super corridor has actually resulted in a large concentration of IT companies. Some of these were represented in my sessions. They tend to work for the region, not so much outside Asia. A number of the software companies are thinking about running their product from a cloud. In order to support these guys I might create a special membership level on my blog to support people who have passed cloud essentials with the application of that knowledge to their work.

These people are likely to ‘get it’, though most may have had limited exposure to the complications of large corporate IT. Some actually told me what they where going to try out immediately after they got back into the office.

Content wise the courses were good too. I am finding ways to do practical hands-on work that are productive and efficient.

All in all a satisfactory trip to look back on.


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