DNS attack measurements and graphs

As a followup to my earlier post, here are some more details on the denial of service attack on DNS Made Easy, Aug 7th 2010.

The first graph represents the time it took to resolve a domainname to an IP address, averaged by the hour. The domains all have their records served by DNS Made Easy. Each datapoint represents over 100 measurements.

The second graph represents the downtime of the websites with these domainnames. This includes all error types, including DNS resolve problems, server failure and other problems.

These graphs clearly show the degraded performance as a result of the denial of service attack occurring between 8 am and 4 pm (Greenwich Mean Time – UTC), which is a bit longer than the provider claims.

The third and fourth graph represent the same reports, but for domains that are totally independent of DNS Made Easy. Each datapoint represents approximately 1500 measurements. A somewhat similar response time effect is seen, although there does not appear to be much downtime. The downtime that is visible has other causes. Please note that these graphs have scales different from the first two graphs.

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