DNS attack measurements and graphs

As a followup to my earlier post, here are some more details on the denial of service attack on DNS Made Easy, Aug 7th 2010. The first graph represents the time it took to resolve a domainname to an IP address, averaged by the hour. The domains all have their records served by DNS Made […]

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An attack on DNS is an attack on the Internet

On Saturday Aug 7th , 2010, DNS provider DNS Made Easy was the target of a very large denial of service attack.  As far as can be determined the total traffic volume exceeded 40 Gigabit/second, enough to saturate 1 million dialup Internet lines. Several of DNS Made Easy’s upstream providers had saturated backbone links themselves. […]

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Amazon CloudFront movements

This article, a follow up on an earlier blogpost, gives a more detailed look at the location of the Amazon CloudFront service. This location is derived from the time it takes to connect to it from a number of locations. The summary is that CloudFront is on the average about 40-50 milliseconds away from a random […]

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