Simple SaaS security tips

Most people and companies are now using a significant amount of SaaS solutions. Companies are running sales support software, file sharing, collaboration, e-mail and a lot more in the cloud. But that usage also leads to concerns about the security of those solutions. How safe are they? What risks do we run? Here are a […]

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Cloud Roadmap for Banks

A few days ago I did a webinar titled: How Banks Can Speed Products To Market Through Systematic Selection And Approval Of Cloud Services The Cloud Security Alliance recently published a service on the adoption of cloud in the financial services industry. In this webinar  I analyse that report, and put it in the context […]

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Feature continuity is a cloud risk to manage

Procurement departments often have an issue with one of the intrinsic characteristics of cloud computing, which is that the provider defines the service. It is not the consumers that define the service, though they may be able to configure it. Is this good or bad? A procurement department is used to managing service risk by […]

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