Serverless computing is the final frontier in scalable computing

Warning: this post is forward looking and does not give easy answers. Cloud computing continues to enable innovation in the way we develop and deploy software. Service Oriented Architecture (or SOA) is a software development paradigm for breaking up large systems into more manageable independent components. This probably got off in the nineties. As a […]

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Cloud computing can make you more secure

The number one concern cited for avoiding cloud computing is security. And there is a reason for that. Cloud providers have demonstrated some spectacular failures in the past, including Amazon’s near total shutdown of an entire region, Dropbox’s authentication snafu, and innumerous cloud providers that go belly-up. However, in the long run, cloud computing is […]

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The cloud of things

Cloud computing also promises to be a great tool for the ‘Internet of Things’. Here is an example of how that is applied right now. The heating system in my house has a bit of a challenge: the thermostat does not seem to be working well under certain circumstances. So I built a small sensor […]

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Take your backups to places

I finally got around to working on one of my New Year’s resolutions (I am not saying which New Year!): doing better backups for the computers under my administration. I used to do my own backups, but it is a hassle. CDs need administration, hard disks need attending to. I must have spent hours keeping […]

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