Which Cloud service model is right for you?

Cloud Computing is no longer an option, but a reality in the IT landscape of almost all organizations. At the same time cloud computing has a lot of variants and choices. These choices are relevant for the IT strategy, and in some cases even the company strategy. This article outlines in a step by step […]

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The cloud of things

Cloud computing also promises to be a great tool for the ‘Internet of Things’. Here is an example of how that is applied right now. The heating system in my house has a bit of a challenge: the thermostat does not seem to be working well under certain circumstances. So I built a small sensor […]

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APIs are the core of PaaS

In my opinion, platform as as service (PaaS) is the most innovative service model in cloud computing. It is also the least well understood, and has the highest confusion factor. One way to think of an important PaaS variant is as websites that are used by other software, rather than humans. So Twitter exposes a […]

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