New cloud security certification CCSP to complement CCSK

Cloud security certification is getting a new dimension.

(Update: I wrote a brief comparison of CCSP versus CCSK).

In 2015 the Cloud Security Alliance and (ISC)2 announced a new cloud security certification: Certified Cloud Security Professional or CCSP for short.

Read the official announcement here and here.

CCSP is supposed to be a more extensive certification than CCSK with a more formal exam and a requirement for 5 years in IT; at least three of which must have been spent in security, and at least one year in cloud computing.

While (ISC)2 (who also run CISSP; arguably the most relevant IT security certification) coming to the game underlines the relevance and maturity of cloud security, there will be some questions left for people who either have or are pursuing  CCSK certification.

The important question is: what is the relevance now of CCSK?

Rest assured that this has my interest as well, as CCSK training is a significant part of my business. That is why I contacted Jim Reavis directly, whom I have met a number of times personally. His answers are reflected in the FAQ that you can find on the (ISC)2 website on CCSP.

Here is a quote from that FAQ:

“The typical cloud security professional will likely achieve the CCSK first, and then the CCSP credential. Attainment of the CCSK also can be substituted for the one year of cloud security experience”

Other text in that FAQ document suggests that CCSK can be seen as somewhat of a broad base, on top of which CCSP is built as a deeper and more focused certification.

So if you are currently thinking of getting CCSK, should this be a moment to reconsider? It does make sense to evaluate your options. If you spend time on a certification, you might as well spend it wisely.

Getting to CCSP is a path with a lot of unknowns at this time. So here is one thing to consider: participants in my CCSK training report that it helps them  in their day jobs now, even more so if they take it as a team. CCSP will take a few months to iron out. Try book CCSP training now, and you will see what I mean.

On the other hand, if you are already very knowledgeable and experienced in cloud and cloud security, CCSK may not add much to your current business value other than public recognition.

In any case, should you want to know more about the value of CCSK, I suggest you judge for yourself. One approach is to join my free course: “Understand the CCSK cloud security certification”.

To get a fact by fact comparison between CCSK and CCSP visit this page, and sign up at the bottom.

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