6 signs of cloudwashing

I only refer to other blogs occasionally, in particular if they have a commercial goal.

But this one is interesting enough: an infographic showing you 6 signs of cloudwashing.

See (at the end there is a request for sign-up, none is required).

More and more companies are blatantly recycling old IT solutions as cloud solutions. While such evolution may be genuine (we actually have a course on the steps you need to take in this), more often than not the marketing is the only innovation.

An example sign is: ‘“Cloud CRM software” is installed on your server or laptops’. 

You would not believe this actually happens, but apparently it does. Go Google.

If you are a cloud provider (or aspire to be), you can take this as an example for your own marketing.

If you want to learn more on how to positions yourself as a good cloud provider you might want to check out my Cloud Essentials course.

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