Securing the cloud, one course at a time

The single most often asked question around cloud computing is “what about security”.

Yes, what about security?

I have been training people on cloud computing and virtualization for the past 12 months or so based on the ITpreneurs and CompTIA certifications (see my cloud course offerings), and I was aware of the CCSK certification. Recently I looked better at it, and found out that by now there is pretty good training material available. So on short notice, I jumped on a plane to Milan to join Mike Rothman teaching the TTT program.

The good news is: the cloud is not so weird that all old rules are no longer valid. Traditional security technology and risk management approaches still apply. The bad news is: there are new risks and new technology to become aware of, and some traditional security tactics no longer work (such as trying to figure out what the physical location of a virtual server is).

The two days of the actual training were packed with a systematic treatment of lots of risks, ways to address them, and practical exercises to illustrate how to build secure cloud applications.

So stay tuned, this course is coming to an instructor near you.

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