Cloud Performance panel at CMG’11

Here is a recording of a panel on cloud performance, held  at the recent CMG’11 annual conference of the Computer Measurement Group (see

The topic of the panel was: “Is Cloud Computing a source of solutions or a source of new problems for performance engineering or is it a solution to old problems”? 

Our distinguished panelists were:

  • Michael Salsburg – Chief Architect for Cloud Solutions at Unisys
  • Brad Johnson – VP of Soasta (cloud based load testing)
  • Imad Mouline – CTO Gomez, then of CloudFloor which was acquired by Everbridge
The session chairman was Ankur Hajare and the moderator was Walter Kuketz, Collaborative Consulting. 
These guys all have multiple years of developing cloud services and applications, and it is fascinating to hear what they are still amazed by. 
Listen to the recording and hear about interesting stuff such as:
  • The number one fundamental capacity you need to have to save money by going to the cloud
  • Why cloud providers hardly pay license fees
  • What developers need to know to save money in the cloud, and why
  • How cloud computing
  • How not to fail when the cloud is out
  • A Microsoft person in the audience trying not to give away the number of servers they employ in Azure (hint: there are quite a few zeros in that number …)
  • What is easy to do in the cloud, and what is hard to do
  • Why cloud computing is a classic disruptor
  • Me trying to get the discussion back on track
  • Which departments in your companies find cloud computing hard to deal with, and why (hint, it used to be the IT department, but not anymore)
Feel the energy of these cloud pioneers, and experience how they think.
Here is a preview.

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