What is the difference between a private cloud and a bunch of virtual machines?

At the recentCMG’11 annual conference of the ComputerMeasurement Group ( I caught up with Michael Salsburg, who talked about private cloud computing.
Michael Salsburg is the Chief Architect for Cloud Solutions at Unisys, you will find his LinkedIn profile here.
Being the chief cloud architect puts him in a perfect position to understand customer needs around cloud computing. Unisys is translating these into a number of private cloud computing offerings.
Michael and I talked about the big issues clients are facing with their current infrastructures. Even with virtualized servers, there is still not the agility and cost efficiency that they hoped for.
Listen to this interview to find out what the difference is between those virtualized server farms, and a real cloud, be it public or private. You will also hear where virtual machine sprawl really comes from, and a neat technique to seriously reducet hat.
We discuss how a private cloud in a box would really look like.
Finally, looking to the future, Michael talks about where the real value for cloud providers is likely to be found.
Here is the audio link for download or listen here:

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