IT skills obsoleted by cloud computing

Every ten years or so, a really big new thing upsets the entire IT industry. In the seventies it was the minicomputer, in the eighties it was the personal computer, in the nineties the Internet appeared, and over the past few years we have seen the rise of cloud computing.

All these innovation have a theme in common. They are ‘disruptive’ innovations.

Let us assume that you are quite knowledgeable about information technology (IT) in general, and actually are a bit of an expert in some specific areas, if not more than that. You have heard about cloud computing, but you are not sure how it is going to impact your work. You might be a bit worried about that. It might look as if your work could be done better and cheaper ‘in the cloud’. And in fact, you may be right. A lot of IT services are done cheaper, better and faster in the cloud.

Remember the travel industry before the Internet? A whole layer of jobs was eliminated when people started to do their own booking on the internet. The same will happen with a whole layer of IT jobs that will disappear as business sees a way to self-service their way into IT. Yet, even today there are travel agencies in business, but only those that have specialized in catering for special needs are still alive.

So you need to act to stay in the race.

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> reports on some IBM research substantiating this.

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