Protect your online assets

Websites can go down. But there is a lot more that can go wrong with all your digital assets online. Have you ever heard about site-defamations, spoofing, identity theft, plagiarism, and software vulnerabilies?

How much revenue will you lose, or damage will you suffer, if any of these happen? If so, do you know how to protect your assets against these risks, without paying an arm and a leg?

I am developing an e-book that spills the beans on the risks that your website, brands, and online identities run, and the sometimes surprisingly easy ways in which you can protect yourself.

This is your chance to get your questions answered. Just ask your most burning question and you will receive the e-book for free when it is ready.
Click here to claim your copy.

p.s. there is no obligation. The e-book is a reward for people who give me their questions.

3 Comments on “Protect your online assets

21 March 2008 at 17:57

>you make the common mistake of violating the RFCs by not allowing plus character in email addresses, a sure way of alienating some of the people you are targeting..

22 March 2008 at 07:01

>@anonymous, which email system are you referring to ?

24 March 2008 at 22:37

>your ebook signup through does not allow email addresses with a + (plus) character.

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