Who needs dual power for their computers?

In the region where I live, last year the electrical power was down on the average for 36 minutes, up from 29 minutes the year before. That constitutes an uptime of 99.996 %.

Research I have been involved in indicates that the best banking websites have a hard time getting 99.967 % uptime, equivalent to 3 hours of downtime per year. A more typical banking website has 99.8 % uptime, which is around 18 hours of downtime per year.

With numbers like these, power outages are not your main reason for website downtime.

2 Comments on “Who needs dual power for their computers?

30 March 2007 at 23:21

>well… in my experience, typically the first thing to break are disks (after 2.5-3 year) but the power supply is a runner-up. Having a spare one and hot swappable PSUs are certainly nice to have.
Recently we had another advantage of dual power: the power had te be rewired, and we had no downtime because of two power cords!


4 April 2007 at 06:54

>My article refers to the uptime of the power company, and the conclusion refers to the necessity of having two power companies. It is true that stuff inside the data center can have more failure modes.

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