Can you hear digital music compression?

Does it matter much how digital music is coded and compressed? Theoretically, more bandwidth leads to more expression and better sound quality. Of all songs, I could only hear a difference between the CD version of a song and the mp3 version in Bach’s cantata “Wachet Auf” (BMV 140), in the part where the orchestra throws in all its instruments, and the basses, tenors and sopranos max out.

“Wachet Auf” is traditionally performed in the Catholic Church at this time of the year. It was the final song at the funeral of my mother who died today one year ago.
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23 November 2008 at 14:31

>The Cantate is traditionally performed on the 27th Sunday after Trinity. This is rare, and only occurs if Easter is very early. Today is such a day. We went out and listened to the real thing: real church, real orchestra, real choir. I was moved.

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