[home computing] It is still too complicated

Home computing is still too complicated to install and maintain.

Last week my neighbours asked for my advice on getting ADSL to their home, as their teen daughter is driving up the phone bill with her Internet usage. Even though they can opt for having the entire stuff installed by the ADSL provider, they are still baffled by the prospect of the inhouse wiring (here is a reason for WiFi, if ever there was one). In fact they are stalling on the purchase of an upgraded computer, because they are afraid of what to do with it if they mess it up.

I heard a similar story from my sister and her husband. They are delaying an upgrade as well, and they are even willing to pay for serious after sales service if they mess up their Windows.

Mind you, between these people there are 3 Ph.D’s., one of which is about a serious database application.

Somehow some things are still missing in this space.

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