What makes my course unique?

There are quite a few CCSK training options out there. Most of them are run by respectable instructors. I know many of them personally.
Yet, we all have different styles and course formats, and you would do good to pick an instructor whose method of working fits your needs best, and who would love to work with you.
So here is a selection of my unique perspectives.
  • Global
    First of all, I am European. What is more, I have traveled extensively on all continents and delivered training on most of them. I like that diversity. That brings a more global perspective to the training, which may fit your working environment and background better. More success to you.
  • Been there, seen that
    I delivered over 100 CCSK training sessions in more than a dozen countries on four continents. I do this for a living, and I am not tired of it. Your learning journey is no surprise to me. I have seen where you are now.
  • My English is more international than that of a native speaker, whether they are British or American or otherwise. I probably recognize your version of English. What is more, I know how to speak so you don’t get confused, even if your English isn’t native. Less frustration, and better understanding for you. In fact, I kind of like learning about the different ways that people manage to express themselves.
  • I like to conduct my workshops in an interactive style. This is true for my online and real-life workshops. I do very limited PowerPoint reading. People regularly say things to me like ‘it was anything other than boring’, or ‘I did not get a chance to fall asleep’. That feels like a compliment to me. This speeds up your learning.
  • My programs are ‘all you can eat‘. Independent of the package you sign up to, you will have access to all my online sessions for at least two years. I want you to be able to complete the program even if your job or other life gets in the way. So you can always get back to learning.
  • I created a lot of examples and sample questions, to bring the material to life, and help you grasp it better and quicker.
  • The ‘blended‘ way my learning is organized is that it adapts itself to what you already know, so less time wasted.
  • Additionally, over the years I have seen that almost everyone moving into a cloud-related job role has specific knowledge gaps that need to be addressed before you can successfully study for CCSK. I have developed and curated material to fill those gaps. Faster and more efficient learning for you.
  • I feel your pain, I have done your job too in some shape or form, and I have some idea how challenging it can be.
  • I am opinionated about cloud computing, or as we used to say, I have an attitude. As a result, I would probably not be able to work for a vendor. That gives you an independent perspective.
  • My side job is ‘associate professor’ at a university. That is where I learn more about instructional design and effective online training. I am implementing as much of that as possible in the CCSK workshops, because I want you to study as effectively as possible.
  • Oh, and did I mention my decades of experience as a practitioner and educator?
If this fits you, we can work together. Select your package here.