GDPR for small businesses – the minimal approach

You must have been carpet bombed with GDPR stories by now. Every IT company in the world is trying to scare you. I hate scare tactics. That is why I want to blow a different horn.

Let’s be realistic about GDPR. There was an official deadline to be compliant. Sure.

But honestly, I don’t think the Data Protection Authorities are going to fine everybody who is noncompliant now. That is impossible.

They dont have the capacity, yet. And they will go for the big fish first. You can guess who the big fish are.

At the same time, the call for protection of personal data is not going away. It is going to be more and more strict. And proper protection of that data is a responsibility of more and more professionals.

GDPR is the world golden standard

Beyond that, there is reason to believe that the GDPR is going to be the golden standard for personal information protection, not just for Europe, but for the entire world.All big cloud companies are taking it very seriously.

GDPR for small businesses

My business needs to be GDPR compliant, and I want to develop more courses. So I came across the idea to create the course I am missing, which is GDPR for small businesses and solopreneurs such as trainers, coaches, consultants, webshops and so on.

I believe that small businesses have many similarities. They have fewer of the complications that larger organisations can face. They will also not face the same level of regulatory scrutiny, and they will not make headlines if things go wrong. That should simplify a lot of things.

The minimal approach

There are just a few basic things that you need to get right. As I go through the process myself, I plan to stuff this course with ready to use templates, checklists and example documents tailored to this type of business. There will also be coaching calls. I really plan to do it right and focus on the minimum that you and I can get away with.

By the way, the primary language will be English, but I handle Dutch, German and French as well.

GDPR is cloud security

Small businesses rely on cloud, if only for their email and marketing system. GDPR forces you to be clear about it, and protect it. This is all my turf. I have been delivering cloud security training since 2012, and ran my email system since 2005. I know what to do, and need to show that I can so I can use it in my cloud security training too.

If you are with a small business, do you want to join me in this process? The result will be that your business will be compliant in a few weeks and with minimum hassleFill in the form here if you are interested and want me to be your guide on that journey. Hurry, I will close the pilot program in a few days.

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