CCSKv4 is a great update on cloud security

If you are an IT architect, security analyst/assessor, auditor or IT business consultant, or are working with these people, you have probably heard that the Cloud Security Alliance launched version 4 of CCSK.

The road to secure your cloud

As version 4 of the CCSK features significantly new content I regularly organise a webinar to update you about:

Peter HJ van Eijk

  • The main differences between V3 and V4
  • Why cloud computing is one of the most disruptive IT changes in the past decades, and what that means for security.
  • What CCSK (the Certificate of Cloud Security Knowledge) is about.
  • Why CCSK is valuable to your career in or with cloud computing and cloud security.
  • How the process to get the certificate works (hint: no experience, no maintenance and an open book exam).

In this one hour webinar you will get answers to these questions and more.


The next webinar has not been scheduled yet. When you are interested to participate, please let us know by filling in this form.

Tell me more about CCSK version 4

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If you can’t wait for the next webinar, go here to find a free online course that gives more detail on the CCSK, cloud computing and training options.

Or, watch a replay of an earlier run of the webinar here:

No strings attached, just plain valuable information.

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