For cloud risk assesment professionals, cloud architects and other cloud professionals

Understand and Mitigate
Cloud Security and Risk

Through the Certificate of Cloud Security Knowledge (CCSK)

Join our 1 day Zurich training at SIGS TECHNOLOGY CONFERENCE on June 13, 2019

In collaboration with SIGS Technology Conference 2019, we present you with this one day accelerated CCSK exam review.

This workshop gives you a solid fundamental and technical understanding of cloud computing and cloud security, helps you pass the CCSK exam and makes you more effective in your work.

Cloud is the new standard model for IT delivery. IT is too complicated to fully handle in one organization. That is why the world is moving towards a supply chain of interconnected companies. That brings great possibilities but also new risk and definitely requires better control.

Who is this not for?

CCSK is not a technical deep dive in any specific cloud provider. Nevertheless, it does complement vendor solution architect certifications nicely.

You must also be willing to let go of OldSkool security approaches if they can be replaced by better and more modern controls.

My name is Peter van Eijk, and I am one of the most experienced independent cloud trainers worldwide. Since 2011 I focus on developing and delivering cloud computing training. Most of that is about the business value and business risk of cloud computing.

I have delivered the CCSK cloud security training over 70 times myself in more than a dozen countries. On top of that I have developed and delivered more cloud training in more countries.

My background is broad. I worked as a researcher and instructor at Twente University, as a project leader and consultant at EDS and an internet provider, and as an IT strategy, risk and digital infrastructures consultant at Deloitte.