CCSK workshop technical requirements

Training venue

CCSK Plus has a number of practical exercises. Most exercises require the participants to use laptops. Wifi is required. The participants should be able to use outbound ssh (port 22) access, as well as http and https traffic.



Your CCSK Plus class involves a full day’s worth of hands-on activities.

To participate you will need your own laptop (Windows/Mac or Linux) with Wireless internet capabilities and need to set a couple of basic things up before walking in the door. We will not have time to do these during the class, and one requirement (an active Amazon EC2 account) can take up to a day to activate.

Your Amazon account requires a valid creditcard. Contact the trainer in advance if this is a problem.

Be aware that the Amazon Web Services user interface (which we will use) is not particularly readable on small screens (netbooks and the likes). If you have a tablet, it can be a handy additional screen for some of the exercises.

Windows users will need to download the terminal emulator program ‘Putty’ through this link.

Some corporate laptops do not allow you to install the required software. Contact the trainer in advance if this is your case.

The participants will receive additional setup instructions a few days ahead of the course.


Online Exam

The CCSK exam is online, can be taken anytime by the participant with a valid voucher and a working internet connection. It is best to have a fairly large screen and a separate device (i.e. laptop) for searching through documents.


See also this page for additional preparation information.