Why cloud computing is the third big disruptive innovation in my entire IT career

or: what would General Eisenhower say about PRISM.

Last week, I was asked to present at Campus Party Europe, a big event focused mainly on young digital entrepreneurs and start-ups.

For this audience, it felt appropriate to present an overview of IT, so young entrepreneurs can use those lessons to find the next disruptive innovation. But there is also a moral choice involved in dealing with huge quantities of personal information.

Here is my presentation on Youtube.

I must say, the audio and video are not spectacularly good. This is partly my fault as I was stepping out of the light repeatedly.

In addition, the speech was not very well rehearsed. Nevertheless, the topics go to my heart, and I got a lot of good feedback on it.

I wonder what your big take-away from this presentation is. What will you do differently now? Please use the discussion area below to contribute.

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