[network] “What the hack” banned by mayor of Boxtel?

“What the hack”, a counter culture network technology conference now in its 4th incarnation, threatens to be refused by the municipality of Boxtel, Netherlands, who apparently misunderstand the nature of the event, and the almost eternal fame the conference can bring to their village.Read more about it at and see what you can do […]

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[visual humor] Kids’ television with adult fun

Sometimes you see television that makes you wonder.This morning I watched, from the corner of my eye, a television cartoon my children were watching. The main character, Andy, is a highschool kid who likes to set up practical jokes. As one of these jokes fails in preparation, his punishment is to spend a day in […]

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[network] Blogging deconstructed

Is blogging something new? I wonder. As you notice, I have done some experiments in blogging lately, and it is really a becoming a big hype. So, why is that? There are two reasons I can think of. One, it is content management trivialised. Two, it is a scalable alternative to netnews. The technology of […]

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