Cloud Business Innovation

Innovate safely with cloud computing for more satisfied customers


How to make optimal and safe usage of cloud computing?


Learn the benefits and risks of cloud computing in a 1-day cloud business innovation workshop. As a result you will know where the opportunities appear, while at the same time you will reduce risks. This is an introductory, non-technical workshop, for (IT) professionals who work with (or sell) cloud computing.

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Problems with cloud computing policy


    • Organisations see opportunities in cloud computing, but get stuck when they try to formulate an effective strategy. Top management sets policy goals (‘thou shalt use clouds’), but it remains totally unclear how these translate to tactical and operational actions in the IT department and lines of business. . .


    • Users and lines of business jump on cloud application after cloud application without much consultation or policy. This reminds some people of the way that PCs were shoved into organisations. But is this is safe and manageable approach? It remains to be seen.


    • IT-departments procure a ‘private cloud’ on their own accord, or stimulated by their suppliers. But subsequently everybody wonders why this is not in real use.


    • Developers find out that ‘cloud native’ development of applications looks easy. A credit card suffices to get going on a nice test and development environment. But soon they learn the hard way that building a scaleable, resilient and secure cloud-architecture is quite a bit more complex than they originally thought. We have not even mentioned operational management of the architecture or how that application can be perceived as maximally valuable by (paying) customers.


There is a better way


      • Make sure you have real benefit of cloud computing. Take the lead from a company like Dell, which fully embraced cloud solutions like SalesForce. Even banks are starting to use cloud computing.


      • Make sure infrastructure cloud (IaaS) delivers serious advantages in the speed of development and deployment. You can take Netflix as an example, offering on-demand movies via the Amazon cloud, because they can’t afford to wait on the build-out of yet another data-center themselves.


      • Make sure that you leverage cloud computing for fundamental innovation of your products and services. Integration of information flows across supply chains enables new forms of collaboration and even new business models.


      • Though it sounds like a paradox, you can use the cloud to make your existing IT more safe. Why would you want to do malware-filtering on inbound e-mail  yourself? It is a pretty complicated job, which you can leave to specialists.

To help you do this, I have developed the Cloud Business Innovation workshop. Even though there  is a lot of technical innovation in cloud computing, more important than that is that cloud computing learns us to view the delivery model in a new way. And it is not always easy to break free from some of the current, limiting patterns of delivering IT.

What will you be able to do after this workshop?


      • Apply the essential characteristics of cloud computing to see the value in service offerings.


      • Distinguish various service models and the audiences they serve.


      • Make an educated choice between the different deployment models.


      • Be able to gauge the new risks in relation to the benefits they come with.


      • Access to examples of successful services and their audiences.


      • Explain, or even engineer, the business benefits to consumers and clients.

The Cloud Business Innovation workshop gives you, in just one day, insight in the essence of cloud computing, which will enable you to make better choices in your organisation. The workshop is not focused on the technical side of cloud computing, but rather puts IT and product strategy first.


What do the attendants say?


“With Peter’s training, I can now write better proposals to our clients.”
~ Cloud provider sales representative
“I can now ask better questions to cloud providers, which gives me more control over them.”
~ IT project manager
“Peter was very successful in practically explaining how the adoption of cloud computing requires new processes and management, and how it differs from outsourcing.”
~ Rogier Verheijen, IT manager, Antares, Nederland


What is in the workshop?


Depending on what is at stake in your organisation, you will

      • translate a cloud strategy to practical initiatives,


      • disentangle the various cloud models and characteristics,


      • recognize risky cloud services,


      • distinguish various private cloud models and their advantages,


      • approach the cloud as a target platform for software development.

As a result of the way the workshop is organized, you will apply new insights in the characteristics and different  manifestations of cloud computing. Concepts like Software as a Service, Platform as a Service and Infrastructure as a Service are explained with examples and qualities. We will also review public and private cloud and their variations. This will enable you to distinguish real cloud offerings from the ‘cloud washing’ that some suppliers think they can get away with.

During the workshop a broad array of examples and exercises will enable you to analyse cloud propositions yourself for benefit and risk. The next phase is that you will see the steps to lead your organisation to optimal cloud usage.

Of course, the workshop will bring ample opportunity for questions and cases of participants. And to encourage you to optimally deploy cloud computing, you will have access to the members-only section on


What can you expect at the Cloud Business Innovation workshop?


      • A workshop in an informal atmosphere at an attractive location.


      • Explanation on cloud computing


      • Comprehensive set of cases and examples


      • Practical exercises for more competence

Dr. Peter van Eijk

One of the world’s most experienced independent cloud trainers. Very experienced in  digital infrastructure strategy.


      • Time to submit your own questions.


      • Access to the members-only section on for additinional knowledge transfer


The trainer


My name is Peter HJ van Eijk and I have been developing and delivering cloud computing training for a number of years. My workshops and training sessions are held all over the world: America, Asia, Middle-East and Europe. Before I was a full-time trainer I helped organisations with strategy and development of their digital infrastructures. Security and cost structures always played an important role in that. I am also a regular writer for magazines and a number of blogs.




You will find that this workshop will require a modest investment in relation to the value that you will experience from participating in it.

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I am totally convinced that this workshop will meet or even exceed your expectations. in the unlikely event that it does not, you can tell me during the day, and I will refund you (minus 10% admin cost) at the first occasion.




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See you soon.

Peter HJ van Eijk

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