How fast can you secure your cloud?

Who said the cloud was insecure?

It might be.

But for the same reasons that you can deploy faster in the cloud, you can also deploy secure solutions in the cloud faster.

Case in point: in the past week I attended a CCSK Cloud Security training (actually a train the trainer session), in which we did some practical exercises. One of them was to set up a web /blog server with a separate database server in a DMZ like security zone, where the database resides on an encrypted file system.

Setting this up, firewall rules and all, took about 20 minutes. Imagine doing that in your data center.

This example illustrates a number of things. First a new risk: the database, even though it is not accessible from the Internet, can show up in a snapshot of the file system at the cloud provider. Second: we can mitigate this risk by encrypting the file system.

So, ‘the cloud’ brings us new risks, as well as new opportunities.

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