Don’t take it from me: Cloud Essentials moves your career forward

In this post on the importance of cloud essentials training, Ron Hogue makes a strong case for this type of training to enhance your career.

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As Ron puts it:

Does recent cloud news have your head spinning? Start with Cloud Essentials.

Hi. I’m Ron Hogue. A few days ago, I saw an announcement from VMware, Cisco, and EMC announcing a new training available for cloud computing and virtualization. I thought, “This announcement would be perfect to use to talk about the need for Cloud Essentials certification as a foundation for further cloud training.”

Since that announcement less than two weeks ago, I’ve now seen, related announcements from Citrix talking about the next phase of their CloudStack, EMC talking about their VSPEX, and IBM’s release of PureSystems. So with all these recent announcements, how do you make sense of it all?

Let’s look at how Cloud Essentials can benefit you. First, the education you receive from Cloud Essentials certification program is going to help you understand the terminology and be able to discuss cloud-related initiatives within your organization.

Second, it can be used as the first of many cloud-related certifications that you’ll receive. You’ll want to have the certification to prove your interest and aptitude in the cloud space.

Third, it will help you not only in your current position, but it will also aid you in acquiring your next position. Demand for cloud computing skills and jobs is increasing. Perform a search for cloud computing job trends and see tens of thousands of articles, graphics, and videos all pointing to the fact that companies large and small are hiring those with cloud skills.

Bottom line: if you want to stay current with technology trends, Cloud Essentials is a must.

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