Will the financial crisis bring down IT systems?

The financial crisis that is running around Europe and spreading to the rest of theworld will also be a very big test for IT systems.

Review the lessons learned from the Argentina banking crisis, 10 years ago.

Listen to Fernando Martinez as he sees a very striking and unnerving similarity between Argentina then, and Europe now.

When the Argentina government took drastic measures, IT managers at banks had to take very unconventional measures as the transaction volumes increased an order of magnitude overnight.

Not a lot of banks have a contingency plan that can survive a bank run.

Yet, the payback of having that plan could be huge.

What can we do right now to prepare for this? Will cloud computing help?

Learn from the guy who has experienced it himself first hand.

This story won an award at the annual conference of the Computer Measurement Group (see, a non-profit organization of capacity planners and performance specialists.
Here is the audio link for download or listen here:

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