Clouds are disruptive!

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Clouds are disruptive! Whoever thinks otherwise, and considers cloud computing to be a mere fad invented by marketing departments, without any substance, is in a severe state of denial!

Cloud computing is real, and it is growing. As we speak, cloud computing is coming to a location near you!
Now some may say that cloud computing is not secure. But this is ironic if we take current security practices in consideration.  To condemn cloud security if employees can regularly get away with lost USB sticks and hotmail accounts, is obscene! If you truly know how to secure your current infrastructure you will also know how to secure your cloud applications.

We have been through disruptive changes before. The PC started out by being a mediocre poor men’s instrument. However, its cost advantages could not be denied. Cloud computing can make serious computing tenfold, nay, a hundredfold cheaper, as has already been demonstrated.

And cloud computing can be as reliable as needed. But, when a cloud application is down for 10 minutes it gets published. If a datacenter of MegaCorp goes down for a day, it gets swept under the rug.

This is the end of traditional server computing as we know it. This is the dawning of the age of cloud computing. I love the smell of disruption in the morning.

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