IPv6 up and running

Slowly, but steadily, we see progress on the IPv6 front.

Finally, I found a reasonable provider of Virtual Private Server hosting with native IPv6 access (XLS Hosting). Still a few minor issues, but no showstoppers. I have moved a nummber of websites, including this blog to it.
So far very few hits (grep “^2…:” /var/www/vhosts/*/statistics/logs/access_log) but that may change after this post 🙂

In addition, my friends over at have updated their website monitoring service with IPv6 support. This will allow you to check the proper operation of an IPv6 website, for example.
They also upgraded two of their public tools: Checkit and Ping.

My own work is often about improving the quality of digital infrastructures, and I find tools like these indispensable. It has taken me some effort to convince Watchmouse to adopt IPv6, and it pleases me to see that they finally did it. IPv6 needs tools like these.

They would really appreciate your feedback on the service. For IPv6 adopters a trial package is available. This enables you to check a number of websites.

The trial package is free for 30 days. No credit card required, no strings attached. If you have trouble registering, e.g. because a trial was already used with an email address on your domain, just email me, and I’ll arrange a trial account for you.

If you send them feedback, consider sharing it with me as well.

Your trial can be set up at the Watchmouse site. If you use this link, they’ll give me some respect!

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