Cloud GRC training

Cloud GRC (Cloud Governance Risk management and Compliance) is a 2 day intensive training course which will give the delegate a practical working knowledge of governance, risk management and compliance in the context of cloud computing. Upon completion, the delegate will be ready to start developing a GRC program.

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The audience for this course includes IT risk managers, IT architects, service managers and product managers of IT departments and service providers. Cloud providers will find that this course will seriously strengthen their cloud offerings in the perception of their customers. This course is not intended for small and medium enterprises that mainly consume cloud services and have a low risk profile.

Key benefits


  • Cloud specific risk management reduces risk exposure for cloud providers and IT departments
  • Integrated GRC approach creates value in cloud provider propositions
  • Interactive format has delegates leave with immediately applicable skills
  • Delegates can use this as a workshop to jumpstart their GRC program


What you will learn


  • A clear, vendor-independent understanding of Cloud Computing
  • A well-delineated conception of the strengths and weaknesses of Cloud’s three service models: Software-as-a-Service, Platform-as-a-Service, and Infrastructure-as-a-Service, as well as Cloud’s four deployment models: public, private, community, and hybrid
  • The tools and expertise necessary to put together a Cloud roadmap and migration plan for their organizations
  • Practical intelligence and advice on securing the Cloud and putting together a robust Cloud governance framework
  • A detailed look at the key players in the Cloud Computing marketplace, including SaaS application providers, Cloud service providers, and hardware and software vendors
  • Includes real-world case studies on organizations who have achieved success with their Cloud-based initiatives

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