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If you don’t get the right learning experience, you can leave after the first session with a full refund.

 We also have a 
100% Pass Rate for all students who follow our instructions.

Fully aligned with version 4 of the CSA Cloud Security Guidance  

Gain the knowledge you require to conduct effective compliance and auditing when procuring cloud services.

Eliminate Uncertainty About The Cloud

Learn those risks which require your team's attention and how to handle them.

Effective Cloud Security Governance & Assurance 

Knowledge of cloud computing value and risk is indispensable for any Senior IT role. CCSK is the number 1 cloud security qualification.

Future Proof Your Career


Always getting asked questions about the cloud? A cloud solution been proposed but you don’t know what that means? Need up to date information on cloud solutions in your business?

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Why You Need To Know About
The Cloud?

Almost all major companies use cloud solutions.

32% of corporate IT spend will be on the Cloud by 2018.

Outdated perspectives on solving security issues can put your business behind competitors.

Knowledge of cloud computing is critical for any senior IT related role – it will advance your career.

Improve the efficiency of your team and influence the quality and cost of your company’s services.

Why You Need To Know About
The Cloud?

The cloud is not just a way to bypass IT and security controls.

Using the cloud has many benefits, it’s not just about saving costs.

‘Cloudwashing’ does happen and you’ll learn how to spot vendors who do it to their legacy products.


How to solve cloud security issues without breaking business and governance principles.
How to mitigate overly restrictive cloud security policies that can get in the way of progress.
How to avoid potential risks with shadow cloud deployments.
How valuable enterprise benefits are missed as a result of a lack of understanding of the cloud and it’s potential risks.
The whole Cloud Security body of knowledge as developed by the Cloud Security Alliance and the European Network and Information Security Agency.

Get CCSK qualified today to learn everything you need to know about cloud security and more.


The Cloud Security Alliance is a vendor neutral association that established the CCSK (Certificate of Cloud Security Knowledge) to demonstrate those who have knowledge of the leading cloud security guidance documents.

 While most take the CCSK for the certification value, many report it helps them be more productive in understanding and adopting the right level and model of cloud computing.

 That means less time wasted on discussion and doomed-to-failure cloud initiatives and a more common language around cloud and cloud security. 

Why You Need To Know About
The Cloud?

This virtual class will help you master the body of knowledge in very little time, wherever or whenever you’d like.

Here's how it works:
The content of the 15 domains is split into five webinar sessions of approximately 120 minutes each with an additional e-learning support site. We’ll cover the same material in the same sequence as in the classroom training but at less than half the cost.

The five sessions are a logical grouping of all the domains in the CCSK Body of Knowledge, as is laid out in the following table.

Please note, we have updated all our training to version 4 of the guidance.

Domain 1. Cloud Architecture.
 NIST definitions:
 Essential characteristics
 Service Models
 Deployment Models

Introduction to Cloud Computing

Infrastructure and virtual networking security
Domain 6: Management Plane and Business Continuity
Domain 7: Infrastructure Security
Domain 8: Virtualization and Containers

Infrastructure Security for Cloud Computing 

Legal and compliance, audit, data governance, risk management, CCM
Domain 2: Governance and Enterprise Risk Management
Domain 3: Legal issues, Contracts and Electronic Discovery
Domain 4: Compliance and Audit Management

Risk and Governance

Cloud data architectures, data security and encryption, CASB, identity and access management
Domain 5: Information Governance
Domain 10: Application Security
Domain 11: Data Security and Encryption
Domain 12: Identity, Entitlement, and Access Management

Data & Application Security

Security as a Service, monitoring, incident response, interoperability, IOT, big data and mobile.
Domain 13: Security As A Service
Domain 9: Incident Response
Domain 14: Related Technologies

Review & Exam Preparation

Cloud Security Operations, Review

What’s Included On the Course?

The Exam is included in the course and you can schedule that session whenever you’d like.

All those who attend all sessions and do the preparation can pass the online CCSK exam immediately after the last session.

Each session includes presentations, quizzes, Q&A’s and suggestions for study, practical exercises and how this applies to your current job.

The sessions will be covered over a period of one week, the schedule can be found below.

As well as the live sessions, there’s a membership site featuring a private support group with your instructor (Peter van Eijk), additional practical resources as well as optional practical work.


Here what some of our successful students who have taken the course have to say.

"The training was a rewarding educational experience and covered a range of Cloud security issues and their increasing complexity. The number of subjects involved is​ vast but Peter did a great job of breaking them down into manageable chunks of data, with helpful slides and intriguing tales from real-world IT Trenches."

IT Compliance Manager
San Francisco, CA

"Virtual learning online can have its own challenges. Peter was very patient and dealt with this very well by being inclusive with individually addressed audio comments to each student. He also encouraged real time feedback and comments via chat which I believe is vital in maintaining bidirectional interaction. The course​ content was excellent, available online and assisted by ongoing support by the trainer.”

John Thomas MSc
Certified ISO/IEC 27001 Auditor and IT/Security Consultant, Scotland


One of the world’s most experienced independent cloud trainers.

Certified by the CSA to deliver CCSK training and by the Cloud Credential Council to deliver their training.

Author or co-author of multiple cloud courses.

Delivered more than 50 CCSK courses and delivered workshops in more than a dozen countries.

“Peter is a very experienced cloud trainer and we have enthusiastic feedback from his CCSK students.”

Daniele Catteddu
Managing Direction EMEA, Cloud Security Alliance

Become Cloud Savvy Now

Why You Need To Know About
The Cloud?



Introduction to cloud computing

Essential characteristics, service models, deployment models.

10:00 New York

 15:00 London

 16:00 Amsterdam


Infrastructure Security for Cloud Computing

Securing base infrastructure, management plane, virtual hosts and networks, IaaS, PaaS, SaaS security.


10:00 New York

 15:00 London

 16:00 Amsterdam


Risk, Data and Process

Threat models, Cloud Data Architectures, Data Security Lifecycle, Information Governance, Data Loss prevention, Portability and interoperability, Incident response and more.


10:00 New York

 15:00 London

 16:00 Amsterdam


Securing Cloud Applications and Users

Encryption and Key Management, Application Security, Identity and Access management, Security as a Service.


10:00 New York

 15:00 London

 16:00 Amsterdam


Governance & Exam preparation

Risk and Governance, Legal and Compliance, Audit, What to look for in a cloud provider.

Exam preparation.


10:00 New York

 15:00 London

 16:00 Amsterdam

To secure your place on this course, or ask a question:


After your registration, I will be in touch to provide further details and payment options.

The fee is EUR 1195 or currently about $1497

This Includes:

  • 5 sessions

  • Support from your instructor

  • One CSA exam token (valid for two attempts at the exam)

  • Access to private member’s site

  • An option to book one-on-one time with the instructor, alone or with colleagues.

  • Lab support (CCSK Plus)

100% Risk Free Guarantee

If this training does not offer you the right learning experience, you can quit after the first session and get a full refund.


Will this course get me CPE points?

This course may qualify for 12 or more CPE points which will come in handy if you maintain CISSP certification. (ISC)² would count them as Group A points. Contact me for more details.

What if I cannot attend a session?

You’ll find a lot of learning material on the private support site. That’s also where recordings of the content are available for a few months after the training. There are multiple recordings of earlier runs of this training.

How valuable is CCSK for professionals in the job market?

Security is a major objection in businesses that want to adopt cloud solutions. As everybody is concerned about cloud security (it’s a growing market), thousands of people have the CCSK qualification and it’s one of the few recognised qualifications in the cloud security market. So if you’re looking to future proof your skills, then CCSK is a highly valuable certification to have.

What if I’m not sure this course is a good fit for me?

If you’re not sure, why not schedule a free, 30 minute call with me? Click here.

Is there a mock exam?

No, but you get two tries at the exam so if you don’t pass the first time you still have an opportunity to pass a second time. However if you follow my instructions, you will pass the first time.
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Authorized CSA Training Partner

Does this course include CCSK Plus?

Yes. However: the original CSA plan was to have CCSK offered as a one day Foundation class. A second day of training, called CCSK Plus, then adds hands-on activities (labs). In the online training sessions we have to do this differently. In the online sessions I explain the labs that I have developed, which you can then do outside the online session. All labs are included in the digital training material. I will be fully available for support by email or online, should you get stuck in the labs. 

NEW - Training Is Now Updated To Version 4 Of CCSK